cast glass dress bust

September 2016

The two halves of the wax bust joined together, now need to smooth and find a blouse.

October 2015

Finished the fibreglass two piece outer mold, this just gives string to the silicone rubber negative mold. Filled the silicon rubber mold with about 10mm thick polyurethane rubber with a 55 A shore hardness. Once this positive mold was mad the openings had the excess trimmed off with s scalpel. Then started covering it in a mixture of bees wax and paraffin wax (plus some old candles which I assume were paraffin wax). The final wax should be about 15 to 20mm thick and will be in two parts so I can remove it from the polyurethane rubber positive mold.

September 2015

Rather than start with a full size dress I decided to start with just a bust, this is the first half of a silicon rubber negative mold with a fibreglass outer shell to ensure the flexible silicon rubber keeps its shape when removed from the mannequin, from this negative mold a positive polyurethane rubber mold will be made which will then be covered in wax giving the inside of the wax the female form when the wax is removed from the polyurethane rubber mold. Used plasticine to make a dam on the mannequin to help keep the silicon rubber where I want it till it sets, I found that I had to wait after mixing the silicon rubber until it had nearly set then pour it on as if it was too runny it would be uncontrollable and just run off.